PC Remote Control (PCRC)

The PC Remote control allows you to use any IR Remote to control your PC.
The software allows recording of any button from any remote. Just point it at the receiver and tell the software to learn the specific button, then in the software assign a command to that button. There are a variaty of types of commands like running an application, sending keystrokes to a running application, moving the mouse, and many more.
- No External Power source nessesary
- Connects to a free Serial Port (USB Available Upon Special Request - Using Serial to USB Cable)

Typical Uses Include:
- WinAmp (Play, Stop, Next Song, Prev Song, Volume, Etc.)
- DVD Player Software (Play, Stop, Pause, etc.)
- HomeAutomation Software

Device and Serial Connector Front/Top Angle View of PCRC

The PCRC is $34.99
Contact me at green@nicolas.cx or click below to order now.

Software sent with PCRC or Available Upon Request
Email me for technical support at green@nicolas.cx