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SPI2Par Adapter for Xenium

Sold out!

The SPI2Par allowes you to connect a parallel LCD (HD44780 based) to your Xenium OS with minimal effort and use it with all the programs that can use an LCD on the Xenium (Like XBMC).

An SPI LCD runs upwards of $60 (more than the modchip itself) while parallel LCD's can be had for $5-10.

SPI Connectors individually are available by following the link on the side bar.

12/9/2006 - Been sometime since I last updated the site, SPI2Par's are fully stocked and shipping weekly.
9/12/2006 - Ran out of SPI Connectors - SPI2Pars orders delayed. Expect more within a week.
3/31/2006 - With the introduction of V2 of the SPI2Par a few days ago, for the month of April the Spi2par will be on special for $17.

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