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SPI2Par Installation - Extra Details

Extra Information - Specifications, Pin Outs, and other.

Normally, Parallel LCD's connections are standard.
They have either a 1x14 (or 1x16) header. Or a 2x7 (or 2x8) header.
Consult the datasheet for your LCD to check if it has the following connections, if your unsure contact us.

PIN     -    Name    -    Connection
1            VSS              GND
2            VDD              V+ 5v
3            Vo (Contrast)    Check datasheet (0-20k resistor to GND)           
4            RS               Spi2Par
5            R/W              GND
6            E                Spi2Par
7            D0              
8            D1              
9            D2              
10          D3              
11          D4                 Spi2Par 
12          D5                 Spi2Par
13          D6                 Spi2Par
14          D7                 Spi2Par

15          BGLED  Optional-Refer to your datasheet
16          BGLED  Optional-Refer to your datasheet

Most of the Parallel LCD's require 5v to operate. There is a number of places you can get this 5v.
- LPC pin 6 (http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/lpc-diag.php)
- USB Port - Red wire
- HDD power connector - Red Wire (DONOT use yellow wire, thats 12v)