Current Projects:

PIC18F2450 / 18F2455 PIC's - Preflashed with easy to use USB Bootloader for any of your hobby needs.

NAND SPI Programmer - Available now, email for details.

Xenium Spi->Parallel Adapter (SPI2Par)

XIR Remote

XILT - Tilt Control to the Xbox 360

Old Projects (Out of fabrication):

Xbox DVD Cable Connectors - The connector used for converting PC Samsung DVD to Xbox DVD Drive withought modifying the Yellow cable. Email me for details.

Xbox LED Rings

PCRC - Control PC with any IR Remote

Xbox EEP Reader - A handheld device that connects to the xbox motherboard and reads off the eeprom. Useful for reading HD key from a dead xbox motherboard. Cancelled.

USB to XBOX Cables

CheapLPC Programmer - Details on perforated board building are still available.

GreenMod 2 - Cheapmod

SST39SF In Circuit Programmer - Small qty sold.

LED Fader - See xbs forum for schem and code.

- New NAND SPI Flasher coming.

You can always contact me at or

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